Maybe it was an accident, maybe it was after hours of paranormal investigation, but no matter how you did it, you think you've captured a ghost pictures with your camera. Submit your photos and let our visitors try to debunk and comment on your photos. Click here to see the captures submitted by our visitors.(Pssst! If you want to do something fun on the internet, check out these great games and internet scavenger hunts!)Our visitors have a morbid fascination for the dead, and love to look for ghosts in images. So make sure to submit your pictures with an explanation of why you suspect your photo is paranormal. These descriptions might include: Is there a history of hauntings in the location? What is the story behind the area? What other phenomenon has occurred besides what you have captured with your lens?Please note that not every submission will be accepted. Your photo should either be fairly convincing or the story behind it must be supplied so that our visitors can work with you to determine if your pic is paranormal. Those photos that appear to be truly authentic could end up on our Real Ghost Pictures page.

And now, a word about orb photos: We love our visitors and we love the paranormal.This is not a ghost hunting site per se, but we have to agree that orb photos have not held up well as paranormal evidence. While this site is for fun, we do not wish to mislead people. They are extremely controversial as they have been proven to be dust or pixelation due to the use of low quality digital cameras. If you have supporting evidence that your orb is paranormal, please supply it or your orb photo may not be accepted. To get more information about orb photos call to me 

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