1: I will advice my friend to attend rehearsal because it is a great opputrunity to correct the mistakes.
2: i convince the group not to be angry with her from now onwards she'll attend rehearsals on time.
3: i will advice my friend that in rehearsal only you judge the co-operation of the group .
4: rehearsals give us ore confidence to do in front of the audience.
5: without one person the rehearsal will be spoiled
6: rehearsal makes our group a perfection.
can u give still more points
its enough because i also got the same card in asl and told the same
no but for 3 min how is it possible to say just 3 points
select mine as the brainlist answer plzz i gave you 6 points
1) I wold say him rehersal shows mistakes what we have do,
2) Also we clear our dbout we have.