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I was sleeping.It was that time when we had shifted to our new house (with my wife).Our house was far away from the town filled with darkness and the only house in the entire area around 10 kms.Suddenly a knock at the door.My wife opened it.A terribly ugly woman filled the whole place with horror with her "Amma please give me some work in your house.Please ..".My wife too readily accepted.Next day morning the woman came with the tea cup to me.I saw her legs.But there were no legs.And i was shocked suddenly Looked her face.Oh my god her face was smashed,eyes squezzed out,Tongue longing and terrible teeth.She came straight to kill me.Oh i shouted.Then my wife said "hey what had happened ? we have just come now to the new house and why are you screaming while sleeping".Then i realized it was only a dream.Thank god.
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