I want to travel the city with my favourite celebrity M.S.Dhoni . He is a great cricket player i am crazy about him. The travelling moment with him would be the most memorable moment of my life. While travelling i like to talk to him about his history and his interesting moments. I would like to take pictures with him. I will explain him about how i made a fan of him. We exchange each of our memorable moments in my life. We would eat in hotels and enjoy have fun with him and i want that particular moment to last longer and longer .I would want him to be with me permanantly. I hope my wish comes true.

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please state on that lasts a minute,......
it will last one minute are you a fast speaker.
is this okay
actually your quality is best but quantity is lesss......
please help....
I would like to travel with  honurable prime minister of india sri narendra damodar das  modi.  he was the current prime minister of india. he was from bharatiya janatha party ( bjp) . he is from gujarat .   he is a visionary leader who sows dreams in millions of hearts & helps realizing them .  MODI  was an architect  for the unstopable  growth of  INDIA  as serving as a prime minister .  he started many programs which are useful & inspirable for the  INDIANS  who are living in the whole world like swatch bharath , jan dan yojana , digital india  make  in india etc.  he was born on september 17 1950 for damodar das mulchand modi & heera ben bai in  vadnagar , gujarat , india. today the people of india have a new sense of hope  on  modi . today the wheels of change are changing. from quick decision to concentrate on ground level , from improved product to stature  on the world statge increasing .  india is truly undergoing phenomen transformational .    
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ya but it should be less of a biography....
is it helped u
if it helps u plz mark it as best . because it is no needed . plz it is so needed
its kinda more factual not like one is connversing with a person
it should be like what should i talk to him.........