Please help me ......

1. what was the weather like in Florida
why use was? singular subject? plural subject? second person subject? statement is contrary to the fact?
can you please do these too...
2. I didn't buy those jeans because they were too expensive.
why use were?

3. were you happy to see him
why use were?

4. if I were the teacher I would give twice as much homework
why use were?

5.was he here yesterday even though he was sick

6.if there were no consequence for your actions ,what would you do
why use were?




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1.  Weather is a singular object.  It is in third person.
         what was IT like in Florida.  ==    what was the weather like in Florida.

 2.  Jeans - is treated as a plural noun.  Always.

3.    There is a second person -  "YOU".  so you use "were".
             were is the verb for "you".

4.    This is specific to that particular construction of sentence.  When ever you want to say :        If I was an engineer, I would do great thing.    You have to say  "If I WERE an engineer....  "   
         Use of "were"  means that  the person speaking, is not actually "an engineer".  It is only imaginary.  It expresses the intention of the person.

5.      Use of  "was"  is because the subject is in third person  "he".

6.  Same as the example in  (4)  above.    It is an imaginary case or expression of intentions.  so  we  use  "were".

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