India's heroes is d story based on d heroic acts of few ppl who laid down their lives in fighting against terror on NOV 26. D story begins in d class 8a , when d class is given an assignment that is d ppl which d children admires d most. Among the class kabeer who wrote his assignment from the dept of his heart and and strangely his speech was different from others as it did not concentrate on any famous personalities BT on d ppl who fought against d terror on NOV 26 and saved many innocent lives. Kabeer's speech included sandeep unnikrishnan a NSG commander who laid down his life in helping his mate who was trapped in a fierce firing in d taj hotel. Secondly it included Vishnu dattaram zende who was an announcer at CST station and guided ppl to get away from different exit when he heard a loud explosion at one end. Thirdly it was karambir Singh kang the loyal manager of Taj hotel, who helped his guest rather than his family to GT out of d hotel when it was under d terror attack. Fourthly it was DIG ashok kamte,vijay salaskar and hemanth karkare who we're mercilessly gunned down at Cama hospital by d terrorists. Then it was Mohammed Taufeeq Sheik who ran a tea stall at CST station and was the first among the ppl to help and transport d injured to d St. George hospital. Then it was Sandra Samuels the brave Indian maid who saved Moshe holtsberg when the Moshe's parents we're killed by d terrorists. Finally it was d caretakers of cemeteries who refused to burry d dead terrorist.