1: the people of bastar believe that each village was given its land by earth.
2: in return they would make offerings of the earth in every agricultural festivals.
3: They will respect the spirits of river,forest and mountains.
4: if a villagers want to cut wood from the next village they pay a small fee called dand or man.
5: To protect their forests they engage a watchmen and each household's must contribute some grains to pay for him.
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The  people  of  Bastar  believe  that  each  village  was  given  its  land  by  the  Earh. In  return  they  look  after  the  Earth  by  making  some  offerings  at  each  agricultural  festival.
They  also  show  rspect  to  the  spirits  of  the  river,the  forest  and  the  mountain.Local  people  look  after  all  the  natural  resources  within  their  country.
Suppose  if  people  from  a  village  want  to  take  some   wood  from the  forests  of  another  village  then  they  pay  a  small  fee  called  devsari,dand  or  man  in  exchange.

In  the  annual  big  hunt  where  all  the  headmen  of  villagers   in a  pargana  meet  they  discuss  issues  of  concern  which  include  forests.  

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