Integer data type (int) are always in no.s either in (+) or (-) .
-324768 to +32767 ,the integer range depends upon the compiler.
                                                      where as,

Character data type (char) are in characters,alphabets.
1. (A-Z) capital (upper case)
   (a-z) small (lower case)
    special character (* # / - +)
2. digits (0-9)

 upper case (A-Z) ranges 65- 90 ie, ASCII code
 lower case (a-z) ranges 97-122
digits (0-9) ranges 48- 57
special character (0-47) (58-64) (123-127)
(0-255) are graphics character 
(6-127) are normal character
integer data types are the types which represent the digits 01 and character data types are those which represents characters such as in capital (A to Z) and small letter (a to z)
Spp has 3 integer data types. There is no byte unsigned integer data type it has short, int, and long. and the character data type belongs to the family of integer type , i.e. a character variable or array behaves like an integer variable or array.
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