this question is not directly the home work. but related to preparation and study for exams.
Dont try and pull and all nighter cause after a few hours your brain functions a lot slower thus your ability to absorb information and understand what you are reading is a lot less . In my opinion study during the day and review until about 12-1am. good luck on your exams hope i can help :)


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Take one cup of coffe n take bath u fel relax then study bt i think tht is not ur hw
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I am sorry for reporting it bt the question is not related to homework

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Studying regularly too late  into the night perhaps is not  a good idea.  Occasionally one may read a little late into the night.

One should take some tea or coffee - once or twice - depending on what is preferred.  One should concentrate mostly on very important subject, home work, questions and problems.  It is preferable to take some small breaks in between and walk a little bit to warm the body up.

Starting to read a new  topic perhaps may be difficult.  Revision and reading aloud will help.

Do not study too late often as you may not be very active and you may feel drowsy or have a head ache in the morning.

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Sir but walk a little bit to warm the body up is very difficult in winter because there is very cold.
My routine is from 12:30AM - 6:AM. IN the morning our mind is fresh. I always study in the morning without taking any coffee or tea. It becomes a habit for mine.