If I were the Principal, I would make my school an ideal institution. It will be an ideal institution for the teachers, students and parents. I shall appoint teachers who are intelligent and devoted. They will work in a missionary spirit. I shall look to the all-round development of studies. I shall focus on creative learning and the so-called homework will be done in the school only. I would inculcate in students a feeling of patriotism, secularism and national integration. This would help them become good citizens. I like harmonious development of the students. I shall make games compulsory for the students. I shall attach due importance to discipline. Peaceful atmosphere in the school is necessary for good results. I shall not run the school for commercial purpose. I shall provide every facility to the poor and deserving students. I shall myself set an example. I shall try to be an ideal administrator and an ideal teacher. I shall try to become a torch-bearer and a source of inspiration to the teachers and the students.