Subject - The first part of the sentence. It it what the sentence is talking about. Predicate - The second or the last part of the sentence. It is usually what the subject is doing or feeling. Examples - • Shaayna is sad. Subject? Shaayna. Predicate? 'is sad'. Why? Because we are talking about Shaayna and how is Shaayna feeling? She's sad. And that's why it's the predicate. • Rahul plays the mandolin. Subject? Rahul. Because we are saying that RAHUL plays the mandolin. Predicate? 'plays the mandolin'. What does Rahul play? The mandolin. And that is why it is the predicate. It's telling us what the subject is doing. For further quiries, intensify your doubts, and repost your answer. Thanks and hope I helped!

subject tells whom or what the subject is about.

eg; muskan is my friend

here muskan is the subject


predicate tells what the subject does.

eg : Anjali is wearing a blue frock

here Anjali [ subject ] is wearing a blue frock [  predicate as it describes what Anjali is doing]

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