It does but not always.... It depends more on what kind of game u play. I also am a big fan of gaming so I tell u, it can give u a lot of distractions but if u can control yourself and make time limits, then u r fine.

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It could be either. You see, video games can be termed as positive influence and negative influence based on how you your think and the people who surround you think. It also depends on what type of video game is being played. Video games such as search the objects, quiz, puzzles etc. are very helpful and initiative. These help in the building of your brain cells. On the other hand there are games which can be termed as violent. playing such games can set a negative thinking in a child's brain and also change the child's behavior. On the contrary these non educational games and in some cases violent games have a positive effect in a child's day to day routine. Development of initiative, intrinsic motivation, cooperation and family closeness can be noticed. In 300 studies, negative effects of video games such as aggression, hostility and addiction has been noticed but in almost 30 studies positive effects of video games have been noticed as well. Therefore, it would not be true to say that video games are only showing harmful effects in a child's daily routine. Video games do not harem a child's imagination at all. It depends on how the child takes it. If i were to give an example i would tell you about my brother. It is true that at time he might hide from me and play video games but it is also true that by playing violent games as well he has learned a lot. By commanding his troops in a particular game he has the ability of being a leader and also he has learnt has learnt that no matter what state he is in there is a way to complete a game since no game is unbeatable. Therefore he takes it as a challenge and in return he has learnt to never give up.
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