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Crops and foods the farmers have always grown,
Yet in our traditionally grain rich nation, it’s bad,
For food and vegetables, often on streets people cried.

Calamities hit often the coasts and interiors,
Floods and famines seem recurring curses,
Selfish hoarders supply do demand economics,
Fake seeds fertilizers force farmers suicides,
Grain Vegetable shortages create national havocs.

So government took the action most needed.
Like food security Act in countries advanced,
Prepared an integrated solution for people to get food,
That quickly became a bill and quickly commissioned.

Strengthened public food distribution system,
Taking care of the balanced diet nutrition principles,
Gave people their fundamental right of access to good food.
Healthy and strong should grow in future most Indians,

Control seeds and medicines that are fake,
Help farmers with proper fertilizers genuine,
Provide advice on soil and crops suitable,
Enable them produce food nutritional and healthy.
Food security is an act helping common man.
Hope the stakeholders all realize it is sacred,
Join food acquisition storage supply chain for only good,
Never cheating and sincerely provisioning to the deserved.

Calamities now anywhere in the country befall on us,
Dislodging and rendering people homeless,
Despite selfish and anti-nationals try causing unrests,
Secure are the people in country of their preference.

Upholding the sacred tradition of feeding the peoples,   
Provided food in nearby outlets at reasonable affordable rates,  
Malnutrition hunger deaths will be things of the past,
Fulfilled its promise the government, made after our independence !!!

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