Productive activities include reading books, constructing stuff, playing outdoor games, tackling brain teasers, etc. Television is actually meant to be watched in your free time. It depends on what you are watching and what type of free time. If it is a news channel or discovery channel and you watching after finishing your studies and playing, then it's okay. But if you're watching stupid cartoons, hardly after attending your extra classes and school, they destroy your creative and imaginary skills. •You can make up simple or complex games (according to your age) for your friend. •You can request your school for a short counselling session on the same. •You can try to spend as much time as possible to keep an eye on him. •You can simply boast about a book that everyone has read, he will be forced to try it out. Try to talk about a subject that he likes, and play quizzes or spelling bees together to test each other's knowledge. Make some prizes or something, which will force him to study a bit to win. •Etc.