• There are two types of festivals - mythological and man-made. Mythological festivals include Onam, Durga Puja, Christmas, etc. Man-made festivals are Guru Nanak Jayanti, Independence Day, etc. • Different religions have specific festivals. But there are some festivals which are celebrated throughout the world. •Festivals are to join up with friends and family to strengthen bonds. • Festivals are to purify your mind and sit down in front of the god's idol, praying for your whole family's well-being. •Festivals should be celebrated without any violence or verbal threatening, especially on Gandhi Jayanti.
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festival bring happy and joy to people
it bring people together
meeting ur dear and near ones
festivals are exciting place where you can learn about many things such as culture
festival is that u can become immersed in an atmosphere of joy and fun since everyone there came to have fun as well
creating an assoication between the festivals being celebrated and some other facts and feelings