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   The  editor                                                                                  25-12-2014

  The Daily News of India                                                                 Hyderabad
   New Delhi



   Blue cross society, city

   Email, phone


Respected Sir,

         I wish to bring to your notice that some animals seem to be ill-treated by people in our society.  Perhaps people are unaware of what is correct and what is not.  I represent blue cross society in my city.  We take care of sterilization of stray dogs, medical treatment of injured animals, and providing people with pets.

        I have observed that here and there in small towns people are throwing stones at dogs and leaving them carelessly when they are sick and lying helplessly on roadside.  Animals are also living beings on Earth. They have rights to live properly.  We can come and give an awareness presentation in front of a group to spread prevention of cruelty to animals.  Some owners are not treating their pet animals properly, perhaps because they are ignorant of what should be done.  If they do not want to keep their pet further, they can always inform us.

        I request people to call us when they see some animals or birds in a bad situation.  We will keep their information a secret.  We will send an ambulance and have the animal treated properly. That is good for all.   I want people to realize that being cruel to voiceless animals is not right.  We must be human and behave like one.

       Further, I request the readers to read about our services in the website for more details.


Yours sincerely,


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