Cricket has become the number one game all over the world and it seems that it has come to stay for a long time. A cricket match, especially a one-dayer is a great show anywhere in the world. Thousands of persons including women and children feel overjoyed to see a cricket match in the stadium or in the television sets. Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players each on a field at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch.enjoy live cricket scores, videos, news & updates on times of india newspaper today(hyderabad)
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       Cricket has become a very popular sport in India in the last few decades.  Cricket is essentially a game that was played originally by the English people in Great Britain.  It is flattered as a gentleman's game.  Cricket is not played in the Olympics and not the most popular in the world.  However, it is played informally in streets and appartment compounds by small children.

How it is played :

     Cricket is played by eleven players from two teams on a play ground inside a stadium.  It requires a lot of space bigger than a foot ball stadium.  There are mainly two activities.  Member of one team, called a bowler, bowls a ball towards a member of the other team, called the batsman.  A second batsman stands at the end from which the bowler throws the cricket ball.  Between the two ends, there  is a pitch.  The pitch is a 20 meter long (turf) grass pitch in the center of the play ground.  It is prepared carefully for a week before a match.  A bowler throws the ball six times in a sequence and then the bowler changes.

   Each team consists of some good batsmen, some good bowlers and a wicket keeper.  The wicket keeper collects the ball, when the batsman misses it while hitting.

    The batsman hits the ball (when it is bowled) with the bat and runs towards the other end of the pitch.  The number of times two the batsmen on the pitch run in between wickets, before the ball is collected and returned to the bowler or the wicket keeper, are called runs scored by the batsmen.   The team which scores more runs, wins the game. 

Variations :

       There are many formats for playing the game.  There is a test match played for seven hours each day during 5 days.  A one day match is played for 7 hours with each team playing for 50 overs or about 3 and half hours.  There are first class category of matches that are played for 3 days.  There is a shorter version called 20-20 or (T20) match, which is very popular.  There are many rules for playing each format of the game.  A competition is held every one or two years for the world championship in different formats.

Some players and controlling organizations :

         There are many famous players from India.  Dhoni, Gavaskar , Viswanath, Kumble, Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, Kohli, Dravid , Laxman are some names.  Cricket is a big business in India.  Cricket is guided and controlled by an international body called ICC.  India it is controlled by a body called BCCI.  The players and the organizations earn a lot of money.  There is a


     In India there are many fans for the game.  Many schools and colleges hold competitions every year.  It is a good profession and means of lively hood too.  We should not become mad after the game, but enjoy its finer points.

     We may watch the game on television, but not spoiling our studies.  We should be sportive and learn sportsman spirit from playing the games.  We should take precautions because we may fall sick or we may get injured during the game.

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