Too many cooks spoil the broth : Once there were a gang of three thieves. They were planning to steal a huge treasure at a local museum. As they whispered among themselves, Ramu, a foolish person, listened to them quietly. When one of the thieves saw him, they caught and asked him to join them. Ramu agreed. The next day, the four sat under a tree in a village. Shyam, a clumsy young man, heard them, accidentally (as he said it), heard them. Ramu saw him and started shouting. Shyam ran, but he was no match for the thieves. They caught up with him, and dragged him to their cave. He also agreed to join the gang. As the sun rose in the morning, the gang left for the museum. There was a security guard, but he was sleeping. Swiftly, the head of the thieves grabbed the keys from the guard's belt. They entered the hall. Right there, before them, was the huge chest of ancient gold coins, crowns, swords, everything that one could imagine. Shyam, unable to stop himself, got excited and jumped into the chest making a tingling noise. They could hear the security guard stop snoring. "Who's there? Who is it? Come up, or you shall be beheaded." came his voice. Ramu got scared and jumped up from behind the chest. "I have come up. Now you shall not behead me, right?" "No, I shall not. Are you alone?" replied the guard, trying to look modest. "No, I have my friends here. They shall be beheaded. They have not come up." Ramu said innocently. "Tell you friends to come up and show me their faces." Ramu gently gestured the rest to come up. They were all then beheaded. Thus, if Shyam would have not been there the security wouldn't have woken up, and if it wasn't for Ramu, they wouldn't get caught. So if only the three thieves would have tried, maybe they would have been successful.
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