1.The first and the most crucial step to improve spoken English is to speak it as often as you can. Speak in English with friends, family, relatives, etc. 
 pronounce each and every word correctly.
Use a dictionary to learn new words or to find out the meaning of a word.
4. Read books, newspapers and magazines. This will allow you to understand the language better and help you learn new words to widen your vocabulary.
5.Read one article out aloud every day, and if possible ask someone to listen and correct you. Focus on speed, clarity and correct pronunciation.
6.Record your own voice and listen to it. This will help you gain confidence and work on your mistakes.
Practice well.
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thanks for helping me .... giving me some tips
If you know some grammar , than it is better for you to first learn the vocabulary, than you can speak nicely, but if you want to learn more frequently, better and spoken than first of all understand the grammar and do its practice . Truly... than you can become a good English speaker ..... 
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