Pleaae can you give me some points on ny asl situation:your friend is not good in maths but he has opted for commerce with maths and is not doing well in maths .discuss with your partner what are the future implication how will you convince him yo reconsider his choice
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We can make him understand how important it is to set our future so he should take a subject in which he can do well tell his parents to make him understand because if he doesn"t have interest in it he may fail in it
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The first thing I will tell him is to say truthfully whether he really likes maths or has chosen the subject du eto some other reason. Then considering his answer if he likes maths but still is weak in it, I'll ask him to practice more, if need be I'll invite him to practice with me and if he has chosen maths under some parent pressure and all, I'll ask him to discuss this with his parents. I'll make him understand what a serious effect choice of subjects has on a student's future.
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