1. What are the ways of germ transmission? (Example, Air) 2. Define communicable and non communicable diseases. Give examples. 3. Why do we fall ill? I hope this is what you needed, if not, please tell me.
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Q. Government has recently taken series of steps to minimize cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing by people as these are injurious to health.

i) List some steps taken by the government to aware people about the harmful effects of smoking.

ii) What is passive smoking?

iii) List a few chronic diseases that occur due to smoking or chewing tobacco.


I) a. Each cigarette packet has a label warming us about the dangerous effects of smoking.

   b. No smoking zones have been demarcated, smoking in public places has been declared a offence.

    c. Awareness has been spread through media.

ii) Passive smoking means inhalation of tobacco smoke released by smokers by  non-smokers.

iii) Cancer.

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