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You must have observe a)_________

iron articles are shiny when newer, b)_________

and get coated with a reddish c)________

brown powder when left for little time. d)__________

These process is commonly e)______________

known like rusting of iron. f)____________

Some another metals also get g)___________

tarnished on this manner h)________




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I am not very sure of the answer.  Perhaps there is a better answer.

You must have observed iron articles.  or,  you must have observed rusting.

(They or) Iron articles are shiny when newer, but become rusty and get coated with a reddish (shaded or tinged) brown powder when left for a little time.

This process is commonly known as rusting of iron.

Some other metals also get rusted and tarnished in this manner.
       (or,    tarnished in the same manner. )

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I think this is what is expected...I'm not sure....
 b)new (instead of newer)
 c)getting(instead of get)
 e)This(instead of these)
 f)as(instead of like)
 g)other(instead of another)
 h)by(instead of on)

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