Most of the students in your class bring junk food for tiffin or eat junk food from school canteen you and your friends would like to start a campaign ti promote healthy eating habit discuss
1 what resistance you can except from the others
2 hiw would you go about overcomming this to make your campaign sucessful

plzz answer as conversation between two stdents

bro please give me this topic...i also have given the same topic...please tell what ressistance you can accept to meet from others please bro thankyou


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Junk food is so much tempting but at the same time it's soo much unhealthy and harmful. There are several disadvantages of junk food which cause problems in our old age . Problems like obesity ,heart problems all are related to this junk food. On the other hand a smarter option to choose is healthy food which is innocuous. It's tasty yet has great nutritional value. Remaining fit is an important aspect of one's personality so for a healthy body we need to eat healthy food . Healthy thinking and mind require healthy food . It's like positive input gives positive output not like junk food positive input negative output . I would make posters to encourage this campaign . With the help of teachers we should take a strict action against those who bring junk food daily . Moreover junk food is adult rated it is not at all good for growing kids . Hope it helps u !!! :)
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