Our Honble prime minister recently started a cleanliness drive for clean and green India but that’s not all we all have to step forward to make our nation clean and green. Some of celebrities have also come forward on it so why don’t you. We don’t mind in cleaning our houses with broom or etc so why do we feel ashamed to clean our nation it’s also our home. It’s time we should realize our mistakes. Being healthy is everyone's dream. No one wants their lives in a dirty environment. Living in a clean house means that you and your family members are very likely to be free from diseases that are not desirable, because, believe it or not, the dirt is an attractive place for germs. As we know there are some kinds of mosquitoes are very dangerous because they have taken millions of lives worldwide. In short, healthy life depends only on the environment clean and tidy.

We have recently worked upon cleanliness drive in our school and now we should spread the importance of cleanliness to people/society and take a step to clean our nation thanks

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