Mosty students in your class bring junk food in tiffin othes are mostly go to school canteen nd eating junk food you nd your friend would like to statt campign to promote healthy eating habits
-- what resistence you can expect to meet from others ?
--how will you go about overcoming this to make your campaign successful ?

what to write...??
yes, what to write ???
We have to discuss between two friends, I think.


Ariana - Today Fatima bought chocolate chip cookies, again. And Samantha is going to the canteen to eat the same thing. I don't understand why everyone is dependent on unhealthy food. The cafeteria isn't providing clean food nowadays. Aaeesha - Yeah, I totally agree. Why don't they understand the importance of a balanced diet. Do you think we should bring up the matter to our Science teacher? If they'll fall sick, the blame is going to fall on the school, which is totally unfair. Ariana - Yeah, we should talk to her. Hey, I've got an idea. At the end of every week, a group or pair is selected to campaign in every class. We could audition! Aaeesha - Good idea! But what are we going to say, what is the class response going to be? Will we be able to make this enormous change single-handedly? Ariana - We can make charts and make a script on the importance of healthy food and a balanced diet. We can also ask Myra ma'am for an idea. I don't about making a change, but all we can do, is just try. We'll make attractive food pyramids and label the parts boldly. There can be some diseases which are caused by the deficiency of some nutrients. We'll talk about unclean food, too. Aaeesha - Yeah! But before that, we have to start preparing. Let's start making the charts. Let's meet at my house today. (TO BE CONTINUED...)
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