T. Y. B. C. A. Semester 6Effective From: June 2013.B.C.A.(3rd Year Sem-6) Syllabus as per CBCS (w.e.f. June-2013) Page 1 of 9Paper No.: 601 (Core Paper-1) Teaching Hours: 4 Hrs./WeekPaper Title: Computer Graphics Credits: 4Prerequisite: Basic concepts of computer based animation, various objects and basicschool geometry.Aim: To make students understand and learn the geometrical processes onvarious shapes, objects & text.Expected Outcome: Students will be able to understand and write algorithms forconstruction of various shapes like line, circle & ellipse, and also variousprocesses on them.1. Graphics Systems1.1. Application Areas of Graphics Systems1.1.1. Presentation Graphics1.1.2. Entertainment1.1.3. Education & Training1.1.4. Image Processing1.2. Application Areas of Computer Graphics1.2.1. Computer Graphics Files1.2.2. Raster Graphics and Vector Graphics1.3. Video Display Devices1.3.1. Refresh CRT1.3.2. Color CRT1.3.3. LCD1.4. Random Scan Display1.5. Direct View Storage Tube1.6. Introduction to graphic standards1.7. Concepts of various objects: Point, Line, Circle, Ellipse and Polygons2. Line generation2.1. Geometry of line2.2. Frame Buffer2.3. Line Drawing Algorithms2.3.1. DDA Algorithm2.3.2. VECGEN2.3.3. Bresenham2.4. Line Styles2.4.1. Thick line2.4.2. Line caps