Look at the words/phrases given below and rearrange these words to form meaningful sentences.
1. upon rules / discipline means / agreed / willingly following / some
2. elders and teacher / being polite / discipline also / towards all / and respectful / means / towards
3. to be / allows / our potential / discipline / realized and / in life / cannot be successful / without discipline / a man

anyone plzzz help.....



1. descipline means willengly following some agreed upon rule 

2. elders and teacher being polite towards means and respectfull disciplene also towards all.

3. a man cannot be succesful without disciplen in life our pottential allows to be disciplean
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1.Discipline means willingly following some agreed upon rules.
2.Discipline also means being polite towards all and respectful towards elders and teachers.
3.A man cannot be successful in life without discipline our potential allows to be discipline.
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