Q.1.'A' speaks truth in 80% cases and 'B' in 70% cases.Find the probability that they contradict each other in a single event.

Q.2.A problem in Mathematics is given to 3 students A,b and C and their respective probabilities of solving the problem are 0.5, 0.33 and 0.25.Find the probability of the question being solved.

Solutions along with answers would be appreciated.



E1= 1/2 E2 =1/3 E3=1/4 THE ANS IS = 11/24
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That is not how you do it.
I figured out how to do it. The probability of question being solved will be 1-P(not being solved) therefore, ans is 1-(1/2)(2/3)(3/4)=1-6/24=3/4 (Since probability of A not solving it is 1-1/2=1/2, B not solving is 1-1/3=2/3 and C not solving is 1-1/4=3/4) You were way off.Thanks anyway though.