Last week your friend was hurt when a basketball hit him/her.Discuss with your partner what safety rules should be followed in the school

safety related to getting injured. not for girl safety.
injuries can occur even if there is a coach present. basket ball courts are not on grass.



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Some rules or points related to safety are:

1.  there should be a first aid box present where students can access. The first aid process may be explained to students.

2. There should be a fence around the ground. So then the ball does not hit persons outside the ground.

3. Play the game, when you are alert and physically fit. If you are not well or weak, do not play the game.

4. Let the coach and your friends be there, when you are playing.  The coach will analyze the situation and see that there is no danger.

5. All participants must be advised play fairly and properly.

6. Every one should wear the proper protections, like ankle guards, proper shoes, knee caps, elbow covers.  If one plays cricket, one should wear  guard, pads, gloves, chest pads etc.  Proper helment, and other pads must be worn by the goal keepers or  wicket keepers.

7. Proper shoes (which are not overused) which are not slippery should be used.

8. Players should concentrate on the game and not divert attention to anything else. If one does not pay attention for a while, then any thing can happen.

9. Be ware of goal posts in foot ball, hockey, basket ball etc.

10.  Coaching should be given to players various actions related to the game like bending, running, jumping, hitting shots, lifting the ball with fingers in volleyball.  The balanced safe ways must be learned.

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