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               FIFA WORLD CUP 2014

       FIFA world cup finals for foot ball was held in Brazil last summer.  The event of FIFA world cup is said to be the greatest sporting event on Earth. It attracts a huge number of visitors to the country and glues a huge audience in all the countries to the TV screens.   This is one of the most widely played sports.

      FIFA cup 2014 was held during June and july 2014.  It was won by Germany over Argentina on July 13th by 1 goal to 0 at Rio de Janiaro.  The 32 teams who qualified for the Finals were classified into 8 groups of 4 teams each.

       There were a number of upsets in the tournament in the league stage.  Best gaming skills were displayed.  For the first time  goal line review and replay method was used to give decisions, when the umpire is in a doubt.  Vanishing cream spray was used for marking a 10 yard line for the defenders to stand, for a free kick by the other side. There were upsets in the successful players too.

      Brazil was a disappointment this year. Extravagantly built 12 stadia in Brazil (many of them along the coast) hosted the matches. Cooling breaks after 30 minutes of play were introduced when the temperature was more than 30 deg C.

     A biological passport was introduced for the players. James Rodriguez was awarded Gloden boot for the 6 goals (maximum) scored by him.  Unfortunately Lionel Messi scored only 4 goals.  He also received a prize of golden ball along with others. Christian  Ronaldo  could not perform well in this cup. The prize money won by Germany was 35 million dollars.

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 the fifa world cup was the 20th time of footbal match. foot ball world cup was held in brazil . 32 countries participated in foot ball match . germany won the series & took 4 th title on argentina in the final match. 12 cities in brazil h were hoseted   in brazil.  the tornament began on 12th june & ended on 13th july . it was the second time brazil hosted the champion.  64 matches were played in this champion cup . germany won the first title . argentina won second title. netherlands won third place . brazil won fourth place. the best player in tournament was lionel messi  best young player was paul poga best goal keeper was  manuel nuer . i71 goals were scored in this tournament.  brazil country recived 1 million  guests from 202 countries