A poem on swatch bharath 

india is our nation
add our arradation 
which is just your infection

to make beautiful our generation
swatch barath is our misson
lets make our country a clean country
so we can be inspirable for all

hindu , christian
rich or poor
 upward caste or lower ward cast 
it was not important 
 the important thing was wish of mahatma
 that was swaatch bharath 
to counties this mission
 we need all needs attention
   & unity
 outherwise our protection of transumulation
will convert to process of regristrutation

i just want to give notification
that keep in our mind with your attention
just move about with  consentration
with our process of modification
to make mahatmas wish
and see a clean country
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india ,a country in asia
populated and of course polluted
now needs to be cleaned.

narendra modi,
our new prime minister
started a mission
called swachch bharat.

it is the duty
of all indian citizens to devote a bit time
to clean india will result

in curing and also preventing
 many health related diseases.
so come forward and start cleaning india
by just cleaning your house.