Eight people A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H are sitting around a circle facing the center.F is third to right of C and 2nd to left of H.D is not immidiate neighbour of C or H.E is immidiate right of A who is 2nd to right of g.
(i)list seating arrangement
(ii)who is between G and D
(iii)which of following pair of persobns has first person sitting immadiate right of 2nd person.
(iv) How many people are sitting between H and E when counted in anticlockwise direction fromk H

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There is only one arrangement possible.

See diagram.  Follow the following steps.

1.  Draw circle.  Draw 8 small circles for seats around the circle.
2.  Place F on the top, to start with.  You could start at any other place too.
3.  Place C  as per given condition.
4.  Place  H  as per given condition.
5.  Marks the places not allowed for D.
6. Fill D in the only place possible.
7.  A and E are together.  That is only possible between H and C.  So fill A and E as per rule. 
8. Fill G to 2nd left of A , as per rule given.
9. B is filled between C and D, as that is the only place left.

Answers to questions

1. Arrangement is
     ANTI clockwise from H :         H A  E C B  D F G
     Clock wise from H :          H G F D B C E A

2.   F is between G and D

3.  We should find anti-clock wise  CB , AE, GF, AH  or  we should find  clock wise,  BC, EA, FG or HA.
       we find  the pair  EA.

4.    anti clock wise  -- see arrangement in part 1.
               there is A.  only  one  person.

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