Clean  india green india 
cleanliness is first step of happiness
cleanliness is goadliness
clean is perfect dream
it's not easy to being green 
keep our campus clean its our dream
don't be mean go green 
live the clean dream
pick up and pithch it
don't be a litterbug.keep clean ,stay healthy
a clean floor everyday keeps lost days away 
keep ur school clean and green 
to avoide scene keep ur work place clean 
8 3 8
1) clean and green is our perfect dream.
2) look around,walk around,breathe clean air and don't litter the ground.
3) keep your campus clean and green for the future generation to be seen
4) don't be a litterbug just give a tree hug
5) keep it clean keep it green
6) don't litter it makes the campus bitter
7) keep your surroundings clean,make the campus green
8) anti-litter,dnt be bitter,stop this litter
9) cleanliness is half of the campus
10) cleanliness is next to the godliness...

8 3 8