Okay well i guess you are not very fluent in hindi and that you prefer speaking in any other language other than it.Well even i was one such person...but that changed. I had this teacher of mine who was determined that each of her student be good at hindi...and she asked me to read and watch hindi books and programs...that way i improved my hindi..also start speaking in hindi more often...wen you have fluency youll start understanding and liking its tough at the begening....itll be benefecial 4 in in the longer run!
One can talk in a particular language if they can make out. So you should also try the same. First you should learn words and try to know meanings of those words. After learning you have to concentrate on conjunctions  in Hindi  which join sentences and also the way to use verbs.Moreover you have pay much concentration on tenses. You should say the sentence based on particular tense.If you read Hindi books and also watch Hindi programs which will be useful to  you can learn as well as  talk in Hindi.