You are Ashok / Asha of Raitula Senior Secondary School. your school celebrated the teachers day on 5th September. Using the information write a report of the function in about 80 to 100 words to be published in your school magazine.
Hints :-
1.Radhakrishnan's birthday.
2.A great teacher and a Philosopher.
3.General assembly.
4.Dr. S.K. Gandhi, a great educationalist as the chief guest.
5.All the teachers honours.
6.Teachers best students.
any one help me fast........



Report on teachers day:
the teachers day was celebrated on 5th sept , which is also Dr. Radhakrishnan'a birthday. he was a great teacher and philosopher, we had a general assembly on this occasion and the cheif guest for the day was Dr. Sk Gandhi. he is a great educationalist and he has inspired many teachers. he gave a speech on how important teachers are. all the teachers of the school were honoured. And they had a lunch after the program. so i conclude that if there are best teachers then there are best students.
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