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The seasons will remain as they are.
The magnetic North and South and geographical North and South poles may align slowly after some centuries.

The Sun will be always hottest along the Equator.  The places at the same distance from Equator will be at the same temperature during the same day.  Weather forecasts will be easier.

Now, if it is winter in the Northern hemisphere (America, Europe, Russia), then it is Winter in Southern hemisphere (South Africa, Australia, Newzealand).  This difference will vanish.  It will be Winter on the whole of Earth at the same time and summer at the same time in all countries.

The planning of the space missions for sending satellites or space crafts will be more convenient.

The north pole and south pole will receive some constant amount of Sun light and heat throughout the year.  So the glaciers will melt through out the year.  The rotational direction of Earth could affect the movement of  tectonic plates differently.

The latitudes and longitudes of every city and country will change.

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