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Adventure is a bold, risky undertaking for excitement which doesn't have any fixed results. It generally gives you a thrilling experience which you never had experienced. It makes you aware of your true potentials. It can teach you something significant about yourself which you never knew that you could do. It can be dangerous though. 
Let us consider the options individuals have for adventure, in the modern world, to suit their tastes. For most people, sports like speed boating, car racing, bungy jumping, deep ocean diving are the common sources of adventure. Some risky adventures are jumping from very high falls, climbing steep mountains etc. Leaving aside sports, several persons are thrilled by risky financial ventures which are capable of making or breaking them. 
Adventures are a necessary part of life. Unless you take risks, you can't achieve high goals in your life. A person who lives on the valley will always be safe, but he will never know the thrill, the excitement and the feel of achieving a goal crossing so many hurdles that a mountaineer experiences.
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Generally speaking,extreme sports are a media term for certain activities perceived as having a high lavel of danger and difficulty and often involving speed and height. Nowadays people are more interested in extreme sports. They don't think about consequences,it's only about the feeling of adrenaline ,of freedom. 
   What are the advantages and disadvantages of extreme sports? 
  let's try to analyze that.....
 First of all extreme sports can mold  character, fans usually fight with their fear while jumping off cliffs doing cave exploration or storm chasing by performing dry feats they get to know the limits of their courage and can overcome their mental disabilities. However,the extreme sport are a source of memorable experiences. They allow people to take a different and original view on the world the rush or high associated with the activity is due increased level of dopamine and endorphins because of the high level of physical exertion the are connected with happiness and fear so are kind of memories which are more memorable than knitted those with ordinary playing sports 
    On the other hand extreme sports are really dangerous. Fans of these sports is a risk sustaining damage their bodies like, broken limbs or prmanent damage to internal organs also the lack of suitable equipment leads the increase of the risk .
  Besides that, in extreme sports common sense can be lost. this kind of activities involve a lot of xtreme emotions and risk. People often forgets about  common sense in case of their personal ambitions need for adrenalin rush and admiration of the other. They can very easy swith off the common sense and balance on the edge of death.
 There's also a huge problems connected with sports?
 Drugs.Sportsmen often start taking doping. which allows them to complete at the highest level of endurance and for longer. Drugs Help them to achieve their dreams,but they forgot about the influence on our organisms. For example,doping often results in high blood pressure , an increased risk of heart attacks,and in the most extreme cases, the consequences can be worse. Death. As we can see, there's no sense in taking drugs and doping in sports.
  To sum up, extreme sports are more and more popular in our society it's good to feel the adrenaline for a moment but not for all of time. if we want to practice one of extreme sports, we have to realize how much at risk. In the most extreme situation,we can lose our life. If i must be honest, I cannot see any sense in risking my health just for fun . I am totally against of extreme sports...
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