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1)According to the principle, electrons fill orbitals starting at the lowest available (possible) energy levels before filling higher levels.The number of electrons that can occupy each orbital is limited by the Pauli exclusion principle. If multiple orbitals of the same energy are available, Hund's rule states that unoccupied orbitals will be filled before occupied orbitals are reused.
2)the artificial method of ripening the fruits is called artificial ripening
3)the compound named C60 is called as buckmunster fullerene
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Aufbou's principle states that the electrons enter in those orbital whose (n+l) valve is minimum.i.e the sum of principle quantum number(n) and azimuthal  quantum number must be minimum.artificial ripening is a process in which the raw fruits are ripened by using chemicals like ethylene.though these fruits have no such good taste good this technique is used to save pre fallen fruits.buck minister fullerenes are the crystalline allotropic form of carbon and are very rare in nature.
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