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They simply are attention seekers they seek attention through such means but they should impart humanistic concern in their thoughts . Life consists of bad as well as good people one should ignore bad and remember good :) take a strict action against those children. By complaining to the concerned teacher and boycott those children
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me:you know those kids.they talk to the bus driver very rudely. 

partner:yes i have seen them talking to the maoushis of our school also very rudely me:why do they talk so rudely 

partner:their parents are very rich 

me:so do they show off about that 

partner:yes,but i never talk to them they are bad 

me:lets make them understand partner:no they won't listen 

me :lets try

partner : ok  bad boys: why are u here

me:u should behave nicely bad boys: why u want to care about it we wan't to talk rudely u get lost

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