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Direct speech:
Quoting is needed to represent the sentences spoken.
It may be in any tense.
Indirect speech:
No quoting is needed.
It may be in any tense
Changing from direct to indirect:
Remove the quotation symbol.
Add words like told,that
Change the tense.
Change the adverbs
eg: here-there
today-that day
tomorrow- the next day

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Rules Are:
for direct speech:
⇒the exact of speaker are put within inverted commas("  ").
⇒the first word of the reported speech begin with a capital letter.
⇒a comma (') is placed after the reporting verb to seperate it from the second part of the sentence.
for indirect speech:
⇒the reported verbs are not placed within inverted commas.
⇒no commas is placed after SAID .
⇒the reported speech is introduced by the conjuction 'that'.

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