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Rain water harvesting:
Rain water harvesting is the method of collecting rain water from roofs or from courtyards of houses in a water tank that is placed underground.It is a very helpful method as the need of water now-a-days had been more important and essential.
Large scale harvesting:
Rain water harvesting is done on large scale by building many large tanks both on earth surface and underground.The rain water is then collected from roofs to underground through pipes that is stored in large tanks for further use.The tanks where the water is stored contains minute pores and these pores lead to the filtration of the rain water that is collected.
Supplying of water:
The water collected is again used by means of pulling them against gravity by using motors.Then the water is passed to all houses by means of underground pipelines.In this way all people are benefited by getting pure safe water.Thus pure water can be obtained and rain water can be used optimistically.
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Rain water harvesting is done on a mass scale by collecting water in large tanks , cisterns, reservoirs, storing water in percoalation pits .etc. For future use.
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