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Drip irrigation:
A drip irrigation system delivers water directly to the root zone of a plant, where it seeps slowly into the soil one drop at a time.Drip irrigation is the means of irrigation where all plants are connected through pipes and all plants are assured of proper water supply.
A long pipe runs connecting all the roots of plants and the other end of the pipe is connected to motor.Then the motor is switched on and water is allowed to pass to all plants.
For busy gardeners, the main benefit of drip irrigation is the savings of both time and effort.Plants don't get damaged or over watering is avoided.
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drip irrigation meansNo more getting up early to sprinkle your tomatoes: with an automatic system, your vegetable garden is fully watered by the time you've had your first cup of coffee. Each plant will get an emitter -- a tiny sprinkler (often a bubbler or a                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PLZ MARK MY ANSWER AS THE BEST PLZZ
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