a man named sareen went to egypt from chna for trading .he was a rich merchant.he was a very good person.he never showed proudness as he is very rich.he went to egypt as to meet his mother who was living there since a few was just an excuse.after reaching the country , he went to meet his mother on the next morning.his mother was very ill and they knew that she wont be alive for a long.

she gave sareen some money which was given by his father.he did not want to go back to china but because of this business of trading ,he had to leave just after a week.on his way ,a man tried to stealĀ  him and was successful too.he was very sad as because the money which was stolen ,was given by his mother.when sareen noticed that he did not have the money anymore,it was one hour passed.after about 2 hour the man came back and returned the money back to him.sareen was a little shocked.

he asked the man that why did he gave him the money back.the man replied that he found a letter inside the money bag which read that ,"my son i am very sorry to say that i will die very soon.dont be sad my dear,i will always be with you even after death.the money i have given you is my last gift for you.i hope you will keep it nicely.good by my dear son.from your lovig mother."this made the man's heart to melt and so he returned the money to sareen.sareen said thank younto the man and went back to home with a big smile on his face.