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Firstly you need to install JDK . Now in JDK start new project In the Project tool window, select the src folder and press Alt+Insert. (Alternatively, you can select File | New, or New from the context menu for the folder src.)In the New menu, select Java Class (e.g. by pressing Enter).In the Create New Class dialog that opens, type com.example.helloworld.HelloWorld in the Name field. The Class option selected in the Kind list is OK for creating a class. Press Enter to create the package and the class, and close the dialog.The package com.example.helloworld and the class HelloWorld are shown in the Projecttool window.At the same time, the file (corresponding to the class) opens in the editor. the package statement at the beginning of the file and also the class declaration. When creating the class, IntelliJ IDEA used a file template for a Java class. (IntelliJ IDEA provides a number of predefined file templates for creating various file types. For more information, seeFile and Code Templates.)

Also note a yellow light bulb . This bulb indicates that IntelliJ IDEA has suggestions for the current context. Click the light bulb, or press Alt+Enter to see the suggestion list.

Writing code for the HelloWorld class

The code in its final state (as you probably know) will look this way:

package com.example.helloworld; public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello, World!"); } }

The package statement and the class declaration are already there. Now we are going to add the missing couple of lines.

Press Shift+Enter. (In contrast to Enter, Shift+Enter starts a new line without breaking the current one.)

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