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I would like to grow up in a world where people act correctly, bravely and dont tell lies and dont hurt anyone.They have complete faith in god and love him magnanimously .one thing that should be necessary in my dream country is the presence of obedience and respect for every person due to which the crimes will be eradicated .people donot respect women thats why crimes such as rapes take place. My dream country should be free of such a blunder i hope that someday my dream comes true but it isnot possible only with me but with everyone we can surely bring a change and live in a blissful and beautiful country . The realisation of mistakes might reduce such crimes . This can be done through literacy . Education is the medium through which one learns to distinguish between right and wrong and through education people would surely realise their mistake and take initiatives to see a wonderful world
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I want to grow in a world where the very friendship is true as in the film 3 idiots.that world should consists only friends but not enemies.i think its my fantasy and it wont happen at all because we all know a popular proverb that is where there is good there is it will be only as a fantasy