a society usually consists of a few families living in one area but in different houses.people of today's society believes in those things which are shown to them.they does not even have a bit energy ti find out the actually things or analyse things.

they judges a person just by the useless sayings of the other people of the , i hope we all know this word very plays a great role in influencing people.they always adds up their own stories and makes a big issue even of small things.

people are being influenced by the social networking sites as well.they thinks that everything shown there are all real things.but , unfortunately , it is not the truth.many things are there which are just fake , we should find out the actual and real things by just analysing things.

we may trust a people by just hearing to the good things said by some people.this person can cheat us as , i request every one to wake up and think and analyse a bit before trusting anyone.
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