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The position of hydrogen is not given correctly.
The position of lantanides and actninides were not included inside the main table.
No explanation for isotopes and it was not described in the table.
Some characters are not similar in groups.
Eg:copper is placed in group 1 but doesnot have similar properties to other elements at group 1.

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)The properties of the elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers, is mendaleefs periodic table.
1)The position of hydrogen was not correctly defined ,
2)In some cases Mendeleev placed elements according to their similarities in properties and not in increasing order of their atomic masses.
3)Isotopes were not given separate places in the periodic table although Mendeleev's classification is based on the atomic masses
4)Mendeleev could not explain the cause of periodicity in the elements.
5)The position for lanthanides and actinides were not included in this table.
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