Some more questions of biology plz help me do not delete it its my home work
1. Define-Condinsation,evaprotion,Radiation,transpiration.
2. Why fertile soil is necssary for crop production.
3.How are rainfall pattern decided.
4. Why are CFCs are harmful for organisms as well as enviroment.
5. What is photochemical smog.
6.Describe all the biogeo chemical cycle with diagram.




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It is the change of water from gaseous to liquid state.
It is the method where the liquid water is converted to gaseous state.
In this process the particles of waves get emitted.
The removal of water from the aerial parts of a plant is called transpiraton.

2.Fertile soil contains good nutrients.And so good nutrients 

3.Rain,snow,dew,sleet and hail are some of the patterns.

4.It decreases the amount of oxygen in atmosphere.

5.It is created when chemical and smog (smoke+fog) combines.It occurs when we burn fossil fuels.

6.The cycle is the systematic evolution of substances.These images will make you understand better.

1.water cycle
2.phosphorous cycle
3.nitogen cycle
4.oxygen cycle
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1.Condensation- Process in which water from its gaseous state to Liquid state...

Evaporation- Process in which water in liquid state in changes into gaseous state.

Radiation- It is type of source or type of energy that are emitted by some substances which are called radioactive substance

Transpiration-Evaporation that takes part in plant is defined as Transpiration.

2..-Fertile soil are needed for crop production as it is rich in Nitrogen and other chemicals...which are needed by the plants....for Growth and survival...

3. Rainfall pattern is deciced by the Weather Forecasters...

4. CFC ..stands for Chloro Fluro Carbons ....are harmful slowly depletes the OZONE LAYER ...which protects us from Harmful UV rays....

5.It is a type of air pollution that is caused by the reaction of sun rays and the pollutants present in atmosphere mainly , hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.
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