Anti corruption can be daunting . it is not only corruption it is a complex probelum .it was a topic in which knowledge is involved considerabely . corruption means the abuse of intrusted power for private gain . it makes many forms , and cover their tracks. much thaught has been devoted to developing different definitions of crupt act when they see it . anti corruption is defined as grand corruption and petty corruption . grand corruption is typically takes place at the top level of public sphere and the senior management levels of business, where policies and rules are formulated and executive decisions are made like political leaders. petty corruption is every day corruption that takes place at implimentation ends of politics, where public officials meet the public . it is most commonly found  as bribery in connection with the implimentation of existing law ,rules and regulations in abuse power in daily situations like traffic police . corruption is not only costs in term of money .it costs in term of people trust and citizenships .
           In this section some of most common type of corrupt act is set out in UNCAC are described.
corruption can grow in a variety of political and economic environments,thoug it particularly thrives where accountable governance .
UNCAC INCLUDES and elaborates on prevention practices developed over recent years by many countries . it details how states should cooperative to ensure that assets that are that are the proceeds of corruption crimes are returned to their legitimate owners ....
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