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Conserving flora and fauna has become a must now as the human race depends on it for most of its basic necessaties. like food , wood for furniture , shelter , even the various animals that live on it. Deforestation has led to an increase in the carbon dioxide levels of the world which in turn has led to the increased impact of the green house effect which has made the world a hotter place tolive in. for the poster you can paint the cutting down of trees and a lone tree that is sad because its friends are dying and he has become alone. below that you can write a slogan like save the trees sve the earth (plzz mark me as the best answer)
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2000 fruits,350,000 types of plants ,900,000 insects and 1.5 million animal species are just a few of things that make a lot of 40 million types of living things on earth .and that only counted so far ...

first you draw the images of some plant and animals that are being extinct and write some slogans at the end and draw the image of earth and plants and animals on the earth  and show the image after cutting the trees ,it would look normal and implement some your own ideas on it

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